Our Products
Electronics Applied Equipment
Anti-crime, security and hazard prevention systems
We developed, designed, and built a security system with infrared and near-infrared sensors. We also developed and built small image-transmitters for security cameras as well as high-sensitivity sound collectors and recorders.
Remote controls
We developed and designed wireless remote controls, infrared remote controls, and ultrasonic remote controls. We also developed and produced wireless transmitter-receiver modules for remote controls.
Nursing care equipment
Technologies for artificial vision system
We developed technology to wirelessly provide electric power and a non-contact module to wirelessly transmit CCD camera images to IC chips implanted in human bodies.
Adults' incontinence briefs
We developed adults' incontinence briefs for elderly bedridden individuals, which wirelessly notify caregivers and nurses of appropriate changing times.
Adult briefs to wirelessly notify carers of changing times
Adult brief changing timing notification system
Bone-conduction hearing aids
We developed a hearing aid with a wireless bone-conduction speaker that utilizes a super magnetostrictor.
High-sensitivity concrete microphone and amplifier
High performance concrete microphone units, bone-conduction microphones, close-talking microphones, and bone-conduction speakers
Concrete microphone unit
Various electric power units
"Isshun Tasuke" emergency power supply unit as power outage protection device for trains
The device has been adopted by all subway lines (Tokyo Metro, Toei and Saitama Railway Corporation subways).
"Isshun Tasuke" emergency power supply unit
Constant-voltage power supply units
We developed, designed and built several types of constant-voltage power supply units.
Environmental measuring instruments
Tree health inspection system
Tree health inspection system
Tree health inspection results