Our Products
Wireless and Wireless Applied Equipment
We are a specialist provider of wireless and wireless applied solutions. We have a great deal of experience and technology in a wide variety of fields ranging from ultra-compact, low-power wireless apparatus to radio broadcasting units and space communications systems and the capacity to develop and produce high-performance products. We fully meet our customers' requirements for sophisticated systems and equipment for which we apply wireless, microcomputer-controlled, sensor and electronics applied technologies. Of course, we also offer our expertise in other areas of analog and digital technology.
Non-contact communications system for small satellites
We made a non-contact wireless communications system for use in small experimental satellite systems, which is now under development at JAXA.
Communications system for experimental satellite Kagayaki
On January 23, 2009, JAXA successfully co-launched the small satellite Kagayaki from the Tanegashima Space Center with JAXA’s H-ll A launch vehicle.
Satellite Kagayaki (image)
Satellite Kagayaki
Artificial vision system based on space technology
We are one of the technological partners of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)'s national "Artificial Vision System Research and Development" project. Our role was to provide the team with some the core technology, which was to "wirelessly provide the electric power from outside the human body" and "wirelessly facilitate high-speed communication" which both played an important role in ensuring the project's success.
Technology for wireless electric power supply
We offered technology to wirelessly provide electric power to IC chips implanted in human bodies.
Technology for wireless image transmission
We offered technology to send image signals to IC chips implanted in human bodies.
Examples of wireless communications equipment developed and built by us:
Traffic information system Railway emergency communication unit
Railway emergency communication unit
FSK substrate
Short-distance use FM stereo broadcasting unit Low-power wireless module
Short-distance use FM broadcasting unit
Wireless SOS call system for bus passengers Wireless remote control Small wireless microphone unit
Bus SOS call system
Wireless remote controls
Wireless microphone unit
Wireless order control device for family restaurants Cattle birth alarm system for livestock farmers Wireless communication module for artificial satellites
Order control system receiver
Transmitter-receiver for cowhouse management
Communication module for artificial satellites