Our Products
Microcomputer Control Equipment
We develop, design and produce several types of microcomputer control units. We also develop and design software.
PWM control unit for precision motors, etc.
We developed and designed precision motor units for nail care specialists and dentists.
Nail care device
Automated measuring and recording device
We developed an automated measuring device that measures the amount of toothpaste being used.
Resolving power: 0.1g
Function: data recording and transmission
The device automatically measures the amount of toothpaste used by each consumer monitored and records that amount along with the duration and date of use. The data is then sent to a mobile telephone via infrared communication and on to a server via electronic mail. In this way, the system is able to collect data on customers in remote locations.
Automated toothpaste measuring device
High-voltage generators for electrostatic eliminators
Our microcomputer-controlled high-voltage generators stably produce electricity at a high voltage and are suitable for use with electrostatic eliminators.
Warning system for fireproof door
We developed a microcomputer-controlled alarm activator that activates once a fireproof door has sustained pressure exceeding a certain level. The device is attachable for use with existing doors and the pressure level setting is adjustable. We have since filed an application for a patent in Japan.
Door-related accidents alarm system
Pain treatment device
We developed and designed a microcomputer-controlled pain treatment device.
Respiratory rate logger
Respiratory rate logger
Various timer-controlled devices
We developed and produced a timer-controlled aromatic diffuser for clinical experiments at medical facilities.
Control electronic substrate
High-precision thermostat
We developed a high-precision temperature-controlling device using PID and PWM controllers.