Featured television appearances, newspaper articles and specialist magazines
February 9, 2009 From Small Factory to the World, a program on Evening Five (TBS Television)
October 8, 2008 News Realtime and News Zero (Nippon Television)
October 2008 Succeeding as a Niche Company in Shinkin Keieijyoho magazine (Diamond Inc.)
July 1, 2008 Small Businesses with Technology, a series of articles in Nikkei monozukuri magazine
May 13, 2008 Gaia no yoake (Television Tokyo)
March 17, 2008 News Realtime and News Zero (Nippon Television)
June 29, 2007 Article featured in TSR Information magazine (Tokyo Shoko Research)
April 2007 Takumi Experts Who Lead the Future, a book complied by the Takumi Experts Who Lead the Future policymaking board
April 2007 An article on our technology in Monthly Columbus magazine (Toho Press Inc.)
February 28, 2006 A program on our latest technology in Morning Satellite (Television Tokyo)
February 19, 2006 Shin Nippon Tankentai (New Japan Expedition), a nationwide TV program for government publicity, sponsored by the Cabinet Office (Nippon Television)
December 24, 2005 Tokyo Wasshoi, sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly (Tokyo MX Television)
July 2005 Leaping onto the Next-Generation Monozukuri, a book compiled by the Research Institute of National Life Finance
July 2005 Secrets to Winning Global Shares, an article on our achievements, in Venture Link magazine
April 2005 Small But Tough Machine Industry, an article in a monthly report of National Life Finance Corporation
January 8, 2004 Wireless Control Technology as Competitive Advantages, an article in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
December 13, 2003 Visits to Little Giants, an article in Weekly Diamond magazine
October 2003 Diversification Strategy of Niche Companies, an article in Keieisha Kaiho (corporate manager newsletters) (Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing)
April 19, 2003 Fedeco—Osaka's First Technology Transfer Beyond Kinki, an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun
January 2000 Industry-University Cooperation as Survival Strategy, an article in Gekkan Chusho Kigyo (Monthly Small Business) (Diamond Inc.)
December 25, 1998 An article in Kigyo Saizensen (Business Frontrunners) magazine on Business Management Network Tokyo (Tokyoto Shoko Shidosho (Business Consulting Office))
June 30, 1998 Cross-Industrial Network for Survival, an article in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.
April 1998 World-Class Technologies article featured in Print Center, a magazine specializing in print management and technology.
February 19, 1998 Cross-Industrial Exchange for New Product Development, an article in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun.
1981 An NHK television program on Musashino City's adoption of our wireless emergency call system for senior citizens living in single households.