Project History
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Fedeco is a multi-discipline, multi-line supplier of wireless, microcomputer, sensor and electronics applied technologies. We have developed and supplied a large number of products and technologies to answer our customers' needs.

TokyoBusinessSeminar2010 in Düsseldorf
1973 Developed and began production and nationwide sale of audio compression amplifier for amateur radios.
1974 Developed and began production and sale of electronics keyer for amateur radios.
1978 Developed and began production and sale of power amplifier for wireless transmitters.
1980 Developed and began production, domestic sale, and export to Europe, Africa, and the U.S. of ultra-compact wireless microphone unit.
1981 Developed wireless emergency call system for senior citizens living in single-member households. This system has since been adopted by Musashino City, Tokyo.
1982 Developed short-range FM transmitter for sending low-power FM signals to radios within range of event sites
1984 Developed bone-conduction microphone unit for Hong Kong Police Force narcotics investigators.
1986 Developed and began production of infrared intruder alert system.
1988 Developed and began production of high-sensitivity microphone unit for collecting small acoustic vibrations.
1989 Developed and began supply of wireless sports timing equipment for Tag Heuer on an OEM basis.
1990 Developed wireless remote control and telemetering device for use in information communications.
1990 Developed and began supply of wireless data transmitter-receivers for medical equipment for a medical equipment manufacturer on an OEM basis.
1992 Developed and began production of sports car racing for timing equipment.
1996 Developed ultra-high-sensitive concrete microphone device.
1998 Researched DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating equipment in collaboration with the University of Electro-Communications.
1999 Developed varifocal binocular telescope. Patent granted in Japan.
2000 Developed and began production and sale of RF-ID (Radio Frequency Identification) device.
2000 Developed and began production of emergency power supply unit as a power outage protection device for trains.
2001 Developed wireless tracking device for wandering in elderly persons with dementia.
2001 Developed respiratory rate data-logging device for use in health monitoring for use in gyms, health clubs, etc.
2002 Developed wireless hearing aid in cooperation with Kinki University.
2002 Developed sensor-type automatic telephone data reporting system.
2002 Designed and began production of alarm system for seat reservation ticket machines for the East Japan Railway Company (JR East)'s Tohoku Shinkansen Line.
2002 Developed hearing aid with wireless bone-conduction speaker for people with hearing loss. Patent granted in Japan.
2003 Developed and began production of emergency alarm sounder for electrocardiogram monitors.
2003 Developed and produced timer-controlled aromatic diffuser for clinical experiments at medical facilities.
2003 Developed and produced safety alarm system for use during paint operations inside water storage tanks of large tanker ships.
Timing device for Tag Heuer
Respiratory rate logger
Emergency power supply unit