Project History
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Satellite Kagayaki
Satellite Kagayaki(fright image)
Ultrasound receiver for marine rescues
2004 Developed, built and supplied the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) with communications equipment for artificial satellites.
2004 Developed image transmitter-receiver unit for medical-use television systems.
2004 Developed wireless power supply unit and image transmitter for artificial vision system. (Japan national project)
2004 Developed and built wireless remote control for electric fireplaces.
2004 Developed and built prototype of wireless counter device for use with questionnaires. Capable of wirelessly and simultaneously counting questionnaire responses up to 50 respondents.
2005 Developed tree health inspection system that utilizes ultrasound technology to conduct inspections internally without harming the tree.
2005 Developed PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control system for fine-processing precise motors.
2005 Developed highway traffic information system for in-vehicle FM radios for Nippon Expressway Company (NEXCO).
2006 Developed FR-ID underwater communication apparatus for atomic power plants for use in environmental surveys.
2006 Developed insect tracking device using extremely compact RF-ID tags.
2006 Developed adults' incontinence briefs for use in nursing care, that wirelessly notify when changing is required.
2006 Developed and built a system that repeatedly sends FM broadcasting signals inside highway tunnels for NEXCO.
2007 Developed automated measuring device for P&G that automatically measures, records, and sends data of the amount of toothpaste used.
2007 Developed high-voltage generator for electrostatic eliminators.
2007 Developed and produced wireless transmitting and receiving apparatus for controlling experimental satellite Kagayaki.
2007 Developed and designed for medical treatment use.
2007 Developed RF-ID tags and tag tracing system for fresh concrete manufacturers.
2007 Developed and produced prototype of RF-ID tag management system for Kajima Technical Research Institute.
2008 Developed and produced prototype of ultrasound underwater communication apparatus for marine rescues (Japan Coast Guard subsidized program).
2008 Made wireless emergency communication apparatus for high-speed railroad system for the state of California, U.S.A
2008 Made wireless communication unit for the satellite co-launched with the Japanese-made H-ll A launch vehicle.
2008 Developed distress signal transmitter for sea and mountain accidents.
2008 Developed wireless SOS call system to discourage threatening or dangerous behavior among passengers on long-distance buses, etc.
2008 Developed and designed pain treatment device.
2008 Developed location search system using radio devices attached to life jackets, for use in marine rescue apparatus.
January 23, 2009 Small satellite Kagayaki was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center.
2009 Developed, designed and started production of FSK communication unit for railroads.
2009 Developed instant warning and monitoring system for doors. Filed an application for a patent in Japan.
2009 Developed ultra compact wireless UHF transmitter module for animal tracking, surveillance and observation.
2009 Developed small wireless system for locating lost articles.
2009 Developed high-performance active tag reader/writer system.
Transmitter-receivers for cowhouse management
Microphone unit that collects small acoustic vibrations