Our Products
Sports Timing Equipment
We have 20 years of history and experience as an OEM supplier of wireless sports timing equipment for Tag Heuer. Our wireless products are performing well at many sports events, taking in race times from the start to the finishing goal. In 1988, the European Ski Federation (ESF) held an international competition that required timing equipment within 1/1000-second accuracy and we met this requirement by developing a unit with 1/1000-second resolution. The unit was then selected to become official timing equipment as used by the federation.
Tag Heuer
Sports Timing Equipment
Leading watchmaker Tag Heuer has adopted and currently sells our sports timing equipment under the Tag Heuer brand. This timing equipment is now used officially worldwide and has become an essential device used in races around the world, including World Cup skiing and Formula Japan, where athletes and racing car drivers are timed to the 1/1000-second.
Tag Heuer
Tag Heuer Official Timing Equipment!
Tag Heuer sports timing equipment was chosen as the official timing equipment for the Nagano Olympic Games--not only for Japan but all countries for the preliminary contests.
Special Equipment for NHK television cameras during the Beijing Olympic Games
We developed and delivered motion triggers for NHK television cameras during the Olympic Games.
RF-ID products
We make full leverage of our long experience and sophisticated technology to create our RF-ID products. We are capable of offering a wide variety of solutions from passive-type to active-type transponders.
Passive-type transponder system
1.On-metal RF-ID tag system: on-metal tag and reader/writer
Our breakthrough on-metal RF-ID tag system is fitted for metallic surfaces and its read/write range extends to up to 1 meter. It is suitable for marking objects containing metallic surfaces, such as automobiles on production lines, and makes it easy to change or add data or choose product types. The card and tag, with no power supply, can be used in any place and for any purpose.

2.Common RF-ID tag system: 125 kHz tag, 13.56MHz tag and module
Common RF-ID tag system at a very reasonable price supports detailed controls of logistics and inventory.
Acquiring ID underwater
Active-type transponder system
1. For sporting events
Our active-type transponder system acquires an ID from a distance of 1-10 meters, for example, at sports car races, marathons, and cycling time trials. It is particularly suitable for sprinting events.

2. For misplaced items
You will find misplaced items easily using our active-type transponder system, as the reader will locate detecting tags attached to the items from a distance of 1-10 meters.
Wireless transmitter for animal observation and surveillance
Our small wireless transmitter for animal observation and surveillance is suitable for observing animal behavior or for use as tracking devices for hunting dogs.